Rosie’s House is honored to work alongside community members in bringing the power of music education to Phoenix-area children. Please fill out the Volunteer Form on the right of this page, and you will be contacted by Rosie's House with upcoming volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities include:

Office and Special Events Volunteer
As an Office and Special Events Volunteer, you have the opportunity to help with fundraisers, open houses, student concerts, and other events. Volunteer duties often include passing out programs, directing visitors, registering guests, setting up before events and cleaning up after events. This is a fun and rewarding way to have a direct impact on the Rosie’s House mission.  Volunteers are notified through email of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Community Advocate
As a Community Advocate, you are volunteering to be a point of contact and advocate for our academy. Advocates receive their Community Advocate package that includes information about Rosie’s House as well as the importance of music education. Advocates tell friends and colleagues about the mission of Rosie’s House, and attend Rosie’s House recitals and special events.

Student Mentor Program
Students that volunteer in the Student Mentor Program are high school music students who are interested in helping in the classroom during group music lessons. Students help with copying music, leading warm-ups, and other activities as assigned by the music teacher. Interested student need to fill out the Student Mentor Application.



For more information about volunteering, please call 602-252-8475.