Student Stories

Music Builds… Our Mind. "Our son, who struggled with reading improved academically after he learned to read music and play the violin..." Read more

Music Builds… Our Hearts. "Raise your hands, and shout YES we CAN!" - Choir students put their hearts into song lyrics... Read more

Music Builds… Our Character. "Every month, students who are learning music at Rosie’s House come to Banner Good Samaritan to perform for patients, visitors and staff..." Read more 

Music Builds… Our Home. “In helping my daughters with their music theory homework, I have learned to read music. I sing in my church choir, and this has been a beautiful benefit for me and for my daughters...” Read more

Music Builds… Our Community. In practicing an art form, a child expands their understanding of the way the world is, and the way it could be... Read more

Music Builds… Our Future. "I am forever indebted to Rosie’s House for giving me the greatest gift, the gift of music..." Read more