Music Builds… Our Future.

"I am forever indebted to Rosie’s House for giving me the greatest gift, the gift of music." - Chaz Salazar, 17-year old flute student

Rosie’s House is proud of the students that graduate from our program and have gone on to build a future filled with success. Success at Rosie’s House isn’t limited to students who pursue careers in music.  We feel every child is a success story because they build self-esteem and discipline, which carry over into all aspects of their life. 

Faculty members and staff provide students with mentorship and resources as they make tough life decisions such as: 1.) Where to attend college 2.) How to apply for scholarships 3.) Potential career plans and 4.) Positive alternatives to peer pressure. Faculty members and staff serve as references and help students write college essays, fill out scholarship forms and create resumes.

One of our greatest accomplishments has been that students who attend Rosie’s House during their transitional years remain in school.

Our students have inspiring stories.

Diana Solorio spent several years learning to master the flute at Rosie’s House. Her dream was to be the first in her family to attend college, and to attend Stanford University. Her Rosie’s House teacher helped her through the application essay process, and she is now at Stanford.  In Diana’s words, "I’m majoring in Urban Studies with a minor in Psychology. And, yes I still play my flute, and give mini flute lessons to the beginners in Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford."

Another flautist from Rosie’s House, Rachel Trenbeath, received full scholarship offers to both Arizona State University and Biola University in Southern California.  She is now at Biola University pursuing a double major in piano performance and flute performance.

Roman Rojas is at the San Francisco Conservatory studying guitar performance and Guadalupe Quevado studied piano and is now majoring in music at Northland Baptist Bible College in Dublin, Wisconsin.

Current flute student Chaz Salazar, 17, recently won a $10,000 Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship and appeared on “From The Top” a National Public Radio broadcast. 


“The most important thing I have learned is to discipline myself to practice on my own at home. Also, learning the musical language was, of course, amazing! At this point in time, I hope to become a pediatrician.” - Alumni guitar student

“The  most important thing I have learned at Rosie’s House is to be dedicated and I have learned to love music. I am going to college to expand my learning." -Alumni flute student

I’ve learned good technique and how it can make my playing better. The one on one time with my teacher has improved my people skills.  I am now attending Purdue University studying Japanese." - Alumni clarinet student

Chaz Salazar performs on "From the Top" with Christopher O'Riley