Music Builds… Our Character.

“Rosie’s House has participated in Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Visiting Performer Program.  Every month, students who are learning music at Rosie’s House come to Banner Good Samaritan to perform for patients, visitors and staff.  These performances enhance the healing environment by bringing to the hospital, and especially our patients, the enthusiasm and joy of young musicians.  For the children, these performance opportunities help increase self-esteem and confidence in a non-intimidating setting.  It gives them a chance to share their talents with others, and to witness firsthand how “music adds beauty to life,” a core value of Rosie’s House.”

Tracy Leonard-Warner, MT-BC
Music Therapy Coordinator, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

Practicing and performing music builds the character of our students, and allows them to develop skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance and how to set and achieve goals. Learning to play a musical instrument takes years of dedication, and learning the focus and diligence necessary to accomplish this feat builds the character of our students. Students at Rosie’s House build their character by performing for patients, staff and doctors at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in downtown Phoenix.


Student performers and nurse at Banner Good Samaritan