Class Information

Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children offers a full range of instrumental and voice lessons for children ages 5 to 18. Free music instruction and loaned instruments are available to students that audition for the academy and meet income requirements. Modeled after a traditional music academy, Rosie’s House provides weekly group and private lessons in Piano, Strings, Guitar, Woodwinds, Brass and voice. Dedicated and professional faculty provide weekly instruction to students and the academy is in session from September to May.

Rosie’s House provides four activities essential to musical excellence:

Group Music Lessons:

Our curriculum for Group Music Lessons is centered in a three-year instruction program. Group classes are have seven students or less. The small classes enable each student to receive personalized attention while still benefiting from a collaborative learning experience. Students learn theory, ensemble playing and other skills during Group Music Lessons. Upon completion of Group Music Lessons, students may audition for individual music lessons.

Individual Music Lessons:

Providing one-on-one music training is important to the musical and personal development of children. Music lessons focus on each student’s musical achievements and talents. Intense training is available for students wishing to prepare for conservatory entrance as well as students that do not have professional performance ambitions.

Performance Opportunities:

Fundamental to being a musician is the ability and desire to share your musical talents with others. Students perform in recital at least twice a year at the end of each semester.


Students are asked to practice at least 25 minutes five days a week or as instructed by their teacher. Students that participate in private lesson are required to make a significant practice commitment.

Currently, we teach the following instruments at Rosie's House. Rosie's House accepts beginning students for Group Music Lessons, and advanced students for Individual Music Lessons. Acceptance and placement is based on the interview process and availability of classes.

  • Choir/Voice (Ages 5-18)
  • Piano (Ages 5-18)
  • Violin (Ages 7-18)
  • Viola (Ages 7-18)
  • Cello (Ages 8-18)
  • Clarinet (Ages 10-18)
  • Flute (Ages 10-18)
  • French Horn (Ages 10-18)
  • Guitar (classical) (Ages 10-18)
  • Saxophone (Ages 10-18)
  • Trumpet (Ages 10-18)