All students who attend Rosie’s House must interview to be accepted into the academy. Interviews are held for both private and group lessons as well as for beginning and experienced students.

Our next round of interviews will be held in January of 2016 for classes that begin in January 2016.

Registration for interviews for January 2016 will be open December 15th to the 31st!

La registracion para las entrevistas para agosto del 2015 estaran disponibles del 15 al 31 de Diciembre!

Register your child to interview starting December 15 by CLICKING HERE.

In addition to interviewing for acceptance into the academy, students and families must meet the financial and commitment requirements.

Rosie’s House has the following requirements for admission:

We accept students based upon the following financial basis (HUD guidelines):
Number of People in Household:
2    Income less than $41,000
3    Income less than $46,100
4    Income less than $51,200
5    Income less than $55,300
6    Income less than $59,400
7    Income less than $63,500
8    Income less than $67,600

There is no tuition charge, and if you need an instrument, one can be loaned to you. Students purchase instruction books and a folder.

Other Requirements

Parents are required to provide four service hours per child per semester. Service opportunities include monitoring campus during classes, campus clean-up days, special projects, recital duty and administrative projects.

Students are required to do the following:

  • Practice twenty-five minutes five days a week (or as specified by the teacher).
  • Be absent no more than three times per semester.
  • Attend class with a desire to learn.
  • Make musical progress and complete assignments.
  • Attend their academic school and be a student in good-standing.